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Treat your tastebuds to a box of The Baum’s best mini-cask and canned beers. Explore our ever-growing range of delicious flavours below – from aromatic IPA’s to velvety porters. Pick your favourites, pay online, and collect from either The Baum or the Hare on The Hill (Fridays only).

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Brew York – Time Travelling Taxi
DDH Pale – 5.7% Anyone experiencing the time jumping taxi that arrives a minute after the map indicated it to be ten minutes away (usually after ordering a beer)? Or maybe you recall the time distorting taxi that started two minutes away yet doesn’t arrive for twenty minutes! Maybe it was better when our taxis were always ‘just around the corner’!
Brew York – Juice Forsyth
Good game, good game!
Do you wanna go higher?
Then enjoy they juicy bonus fruited IPA, that combines Cascade, Citra, CTZ & Mosaic hops, with muchos Pineapple, Passionfruit & Mango for a tropical explosion as bold and juicy as the legendary entertainer that this salutes.
5.0% 440ml Can
Brew York – Rhubarbra Streisand
A deliciously tart, yet creamy, big bodied milkshake IPA rammed with rhubarb and just a smidge of fiery ginger! 5.5% 440ml can
North – Into The Merzbau
IPA - 7.0% A single hop IPA showcasing a new hop strain developed by The Hop Breeding Company located on Yakima Chief Ranches.
North – Paria
IPA - 6.0% Old school traditional IPA with classic combo of Simcoe and Amarillo offering an aroma of orange zest and pine and a resinous, bitter-sweet palate of grapefruit and orange.
North – Split Moon
DIPA - 8% Prepare for a clash of the titans! Split Moon is an 8% Double India Pale Ale swinging huge hop punches! We're throwing it back to the old school by featuring heavyweight champions Mosaic, Denali, Comet + Australian Vic Secret. Extra Pale Malt, Oats and Wheat provide a weighty arena for these titans to hustle. Mosaic bringing its title dank pineapple punches, Denali mimicking its tactics with extra cuts of pine, Comet enters the ring with huge swings of zesty pink grapefruit while Vic Secret makes sharp passion fruit jabs.
Squawk – Cursor
5.3% - Raspberry Sour Created using Squawk's own House sour culture. Wonderfully sharp and full of fruit. It's the largest amount of fruit they have ever put in a beer and it shows. A vivid pink/purple hue and a body to balance out the sour tones.
Squawk – Lori
6.5% - DDH IPA
Double dry hopped with Idaho 7, Amarillo & Mosaic. Aromas of overripe mango and pine lead into a sherbetty sweetness on the palate backed up with a touch of bitterness.
Squawk – Scoop
5.0% -Tropical Sour
A collab with Manc beer legends Common & Co. A whole heap of pineapple and passionfruit wrapped around an incredibly juicy sour. Set your mouth loose with some tropic vibes!
Cloudwater – Crystallography IIPA
8% - IIPA This is a tribute to the strong, heavily hopped West Coast beers that captured our hearts by combining incredible depth of flavour, with effortless drinkability. It’s rich and intense yet still soft, fresh and bright, with a finish that’s deliciously dry and clean rather than aggressively bitter.
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